A Surreal Whirlwind is a brainstorm of ideas                                                       ...that look and/or feel like a dream sequence. 
       Some say, “when it rains, it pours.” I find that when my ideas come to me, it’s usually in a holographic (my way of saying not linear and almost three dimensional) storm that is intense, exhilarating and innovative. I define surrealism as the relationship between objects and characters. 
       It is usually a connection of a few subjects that don’t have a lot of history together, and yet are a lovely, effective match to reach some kind of goal. My goal is to entertain, to educate, and to inspire people to be their optimal selves.  
       Studies show that pain management is one way to heal from trauma. It’s why “laughter is the best medicine.” It is also why doctors prescribe pain medication. The idea as proven by science is that the body actually gets better if it feels less pain. In the same way, people generally learn when they are interested and excited by something, especially if there is an emotional memory attached. 
        What does all this mean practically?  For example, if a person comes home from a long day of work, isn’t it great to blow off some steam? My idea of this is a product that is so out there, that a person will feel better about their day and take a break from stress, and therefore will give their mind and body a chance to recover. The muscle contractions in laughing help the body relax. A relaxed body heals faster and learns faster. In an even more practical sense, a person can learn something if they associate what they need to learn with something completely unrelated. For example, I’m gearing up to create a movie about the multiplication tables - taught by a mime who is being interrogated by a burlesque ukulele playing singing group. Associative memory is how I learn best, and perhaps absurdity can help others learn as well.  At the very least, it’s entertaining! ​​​​​​​

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